Adam influenced the vote

I wanted an improvement in my living conditions. I figured electing an effective chairman to head our resident’s association would be a good place to start.

I studied the candidates’ profiles and made a neat little table: pros and cons on one side, a tally of points on the other. I was on my way to an objective decision.

Then that little ‘unmentionable’ Adam happened. I don’t know how he talked me into it. Before I knew it, my list was forgotten, the vote was blindly cast, and now I fear I have to endure another year of poor living.

Running for our money

How many times have I had to explain sheepishly that even though I’m Kenyan, I don’t run marathons with the ease of those gold and silver and bronze medal winning men and women who have carried our flag high for so many decades, and whose image is now getting tarnished by that phrase ‘performance enhancing drugs?’ Continue reading