This is how Adam’s noise killed Cupid

Adam sent my Valentine away with his noise. I should have known better. Every one says three’s a crowd. As soon as I picked up my pen, I woke the muse up. He wasn’t happy that I was thinking of someone else. Continue reading


Adam, this is no way you wish me happy birthday, is it?

Adam never ceases to amaze me. All I got today was “happy birthday babe,” sent in at 4 pm. Well, thank you very much. Adam was out with his friends last night. I suspect that he had too much to drink. Chances are, they toasted to Christmas, the new year, the upcoming Easter holiday, the antics they got up to last time they were this roaring drunk, and the one before that… I’m sure you get where this is going. Continue reading

Chasing worthless phantoms

Hope was alive. It beat regularly beneath my breast. It was the blood that came rushing up to my face, making me quite hot. It was the little beads of sweat that sprung up on the tip of my nose, the moist palms and the unbidden prick of tears behind hooded eyelids that wouldn’t look up just yet. It was the dream that wouldn’t let go, and the cloying fear that everything could go up in smoke. Continue reading