“Hamsters seem pretty dumb running in their wheel”

There’s this person who comes up with the weirdest thoughts, which he feels compelled to share on Facebook. His name is Tigana.

I was trying not to succumb to the afternoon heat. I was losing. Three cups of water, two cups of hot over-sweetened black tea, two chapatis, a handful of groundnuts… nothing was working. It wasn’t Monday blues either (whatever that means).

Anyway, everything else having failed, and I feeling a drool coming on, decided that I needed some social media nothingness to wake me up. What do I find? Tigana’s little post: “Hamsters seem pretty dumb running in their wheel, don’t they. *scroll* *scroll* *scroll* *pause* *scroll*”

Is that what we look like? And here I thought we were just some successful people sitting in our donor-funded, nicely furnished cubicles looking all-important in front of large anti-glare certified 24″ screens.

Hamster on a wheel. *scroll* *scroll* *scroll* *pause* *scroll*. *click* *click* *click* *pause* *click*. Eyes drooping. Sweat trickling down the face. Eight hours with one hour lunch break. Mad dash to beat the traffic jam. Come tomorrow, maybe it will be *ESCAPE*.


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