New year resolutions may be pointless, but I set them anyway

I never once made new year resolutions I could keep. Yet every year, I have felt compelled to write down at least five things, which in retrospect, have  almost always been rather unrealistic. One could imagine I set myself up for failure on purpose. That would a wrong conclusion. Failure is the furthest thing from my mind when I imagine all these grand achievements.

To be honest, I would find new year resolutions completely pointless, except for one thing – hope. I have declared many things in the past (and not come close to doing them). If I read you the list, you’d agree that I’m always hopeful that something will improve, that I will do something good, get something worth having, achieve something important. Isn’t that a good way to start a new year?
Writing things down is nice, until somewhere in June when the budget is read (there’s a way the Kenya government crushes dreams and hopes and leaves you with ashes in your mouth) and suddenly you realize that with the new hikes in fuel prices, VAT, excise duty on this and that, you’ll have to work more and you’re likely to save less.Then before you know it, December comes around, and you forgive the Kenya government and yourself for not achieving last year’s big dreams; it’s a clean slate just waiting for you to write new dreams for 2016.
2015 was a tough year – I didn’t even achieve my personal millennium goals. I’ll not be sorry to see it end, and if I make it through this one remaining day, I hope that things will be better in 2016.
I’m not making resolutions this year. Instead, I will just do better – little things that I seem to have forgotten how to do. Here goes:
  • I’ll call up someone every day – including those that I may not necessarily be looking forward to talking to. If I have their number, there must have been a reason I saved it. I need to find out.
  • I’ll write more often, at least twice every week – To be fair, I write every day, but that is my 8-5 job, I will expand that space.
  • I’ll visit a country I’ve never been to (not work-related) – and hopefully, it will be to visit one of my long lost friends that are now scattered all over the globe.
  • I’ll exercise every day – Yeah, sounds like the classic resolution, but I’m not talking things like enrolling in a gym, or Zumba class or running a marathon. I’m talking smaller, like walking for 30 minutes, doing some crunches or squats, maybe yoga for beginners. Baby steps.
  • I’ll read a book every month – You can actually stop reading if you let yourself. So one book every month is probably a good start.
Sometimes you plan and plan and then life happens. I’m going to bed believing that I’ll be around to follow through with this ‘realistic’ version of new year resolutions.

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